Minggu, 23 Oktober 2011

A Mother's Love of Lifelong

"C an I see my baby?"asked a new mother who gave birth to full happiness. When the sling was moved into his hand and he opened the blanket that wraps the face of a tiny baby boy, the mother was holding his breath. The doctor who stayed with him soon turned to look out the window toward the hospital. The baby was born without both ears! Time proved that the baby's hearing has now grown into a child's working perfectly. Only the appearance that looks weird and ugly. One day, the boy hurried home and buried her face in her mother's arms crying. She knows her son's life is full of disappointment and tragedy. The boy was sobbing said, "A boy of mocking me. Says, I am a strange creature."

The boy grew up. He is quite handsome with his disability. He also liked his school friends. He also developed his talent in music and writing. He wanted to be class president. His mother warned, "you will not be hanging out with other teens?" However, in the heart of the mother felt sorry for him. One day the boy's father met a doctor who can graft the ear for him. "I believe I can move a pair of ears for him. But there must be someone who is willing to donate his ear," said the doctor. Later, the boy's parents began to find who is willing to sacrifice and donate to their ears. Several months had passed. And it's time they called his son, "Son, someone who did not want to be known has been willing to donate his ear to you. We shall soon send you to the hospital for surgery. However, all this is very confidential." the father said. The operation was a success. A new man was born. The great musical talents turned into genius. He also received many awards from his school. Some time later he pu married and worked as a diplomat.

He met his father, "Well, I must find out who has been willing to sacrifice it all to me. He has done great things but I did not return the favor." His father replied, "I'm sure you'll be able to repay the kindness of people who have given ear." Having paused for a moment his father continued, "In accordance with the agreement, not the time for you to know all these secrets." Years turned into years. Both the man's parents still keep a secret. Until one day it was a sad moment for the family. On that day the father and the boy was standing at the edge of his mother's coffin had just died. Slowly and gently, stroking her father's mother's body hair is frozen, then menyibaknya so it appears that the mother does not have ears. "She once said that he was glad to be able to lengthen his hair," whispered his father. "And no one realizes that he has lost little of her beauty is not it?" True beauty lies not in appearance but in the hearts of the body. Ultimate treasure lies not in what can be seen, but on what can not be seen.

True love does not lie in what has been done and known, but on what has been done but it is not known. "Love your mother while she was still alive. There is no love and love more than anything other than love and the love of a mother for her child. Your mother will do anything to protect and help you when in danger". "Again, love your mother while she was still of life. Tomorrow may be too late "

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